09 Dec 2019
December 9, 2019

Which Restroom Does One Go Into?…..

Monday 9th December

Postmas NO.9.
Too many, this would not be a question you would not need to ask yourself but to a crossdressing Maid (i don’t like to call them transvestites as that seems so cheap-sounding, so I call them maids) it is one of the topics that must be kept in mind.

My maids come to me because they love being an alpha man in their every day lives but also love the feeling of dressing in women’s clothes.

Alpha Male With A Feminine Side

As you can imagine, some look fantastic and very convincing when transformed yet others look like men in drag (i say that in the nicest way).

I have been transforming men into women for a few years now and I think I cover most topics but my next stage is to take my maids to a level of a public appearance.

Meaning being a real woman and acting, walking and talking like a real woman. Doing girlie things like going for coffee and shopping etc…

The etiquette has to be O.T.T to hide the manly ways so you would not bring attention to yourself.

There are many Maids that really are transvestites because they transform themselves and don’t have a real woman to do the important necessary things that need to be taken into account.

I feel that I would like to go up to them and give them my card and say “I can help you make to look better” but I don’t know how they would take it.

They would look so much more acceptable to the public eye and much more confident in themselves if they had a female input to their wigs and outfits.

One of my maids is ready to make a public appearance. So we are going for a meal as a Christmas girlie night out.

The one topic I have put to her is the question of this Postmas Blog ‘Which Restroom Does One Go Into? and I’m glad I did.

I can imagine she would be standing in between the 2 signs on the doors with a very quizzical look on her face.

More than likely coming back to me and asking “Sorry miss but which toilet do I use?”

At that point, I would have to express my emotion of laughter at the bursting look in her eyes because of the urgency she needs the restroom.

I think when a serious maid puts her female clothes on there is something inside her transforms also.

The femininity of her everyday ways, her walk, mannerisms, and her whole being become the female version of the alpha male he left at my front door.

To be put in public training is a big step from just wearing some silky panties or stockings because you love the feel of them on your hairy legs.

Smooth Legs And Fishnets

To transform completely it means removing all bodily hair apart from your head (if you wish) so your curves look good in stockings/tights and your cleavage is attractive to an onlooker.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what size you are, how tall you are or what size feet you have. All women also come in different sizes of height and feet.

Women also can naturally look boyish or alpha in ways that we were born with. Yet we have to make the best of what we have got and we do it well.  So why can’t you?

My aim is to make you look the best you can ever look. It is not possible in one meeting as these things take time.

I would never take an alpha man dressed as a female out for a public girlie trip on his first time dressing up. As everyone would spot what you truly are a mile off.

I would never embarrass you like that.

So if you are interested in having a transformation appointment contact me and we can converse in more depth.

I will Look forward to receiving your inquiries…..