Tuesday 5th May 2020

Blog NO.117.
Wow how do start todays blog???? I thought I would give you an update on my current situation.

It has been around 3 weeks since i last logged into my website because there is nothing to update in that time.

Sexy Mistress Lucy As Herself

Who would of thought the world would of changed to a film type situation.

I am not going to have a sad mood to this blog as that is definitely anyone wants to read especially me.

My secluded world has not really changed much as in… I work from home anyway.

The only changes that I have experienced is no meeting appointments obviously because of the lockdown and a slightly depressed mood of people in general when I do shopping.

Everyone is treating each other like they have the dreaded lurgy with the 2 metre social distancing.

Not a problem as I totally respect that but you know what I mean.

That’s not to say that I have not had people call/text me thinking because everyone is off work that I will coin it in and put my two fingers up to the lockdown and take appointments.

Far from it. I am very much the opposite. I do not know when my next appointment will be, due to me being extremely careful in all the precautions.

I am the only one who is the earner in my house and although non animal lovers will think “oh dont worry cats can fend for themselves” but i treat mine as my children.

Meet Scarlet, One of Mistress Lucy’s Alter Egos

They have had a routine for the past 15 years and they rely on me like a living being.

So i have them to think of aswell as myself.

As anyone knew that I had become close friends with…My 10 year plan has totally gone out of the window now.

My idea to sell all my possessions and have all my worldly belongings in my back pack so I can travel where ever I desired to is gone from my mind.

I now travel the world on YouTube from the comfort of my own home.

My ideal plan now is to have my very own piece of paradise beach in my garden.

How I will do that I do not know but I have an eventful imagination so it will be fun planning it.

This will be where I can sink my feet into the sand, lay in the English warm sun (when its around and warm enough) on a lounger with a brightly coloured towel draped across it with a fruit punch in one hand and a piece of watermelon in the other (or whatever piece of fruit I can buy at the time).

YouTube on in the background playing beach and chillaxing tunes to help my imagination go to where it wants to.

Unfortunately these are the kind of ways we have to get used to now.

Meet Sharon, Mistress Lucys Sleezy Alter Ego

As flights to overseas destinations (if you can get there) will have stricter rules and regulations than you have ever thought.

Yes everyone will be flocking to English cost lines which is lovely (as there is a lot of England that people haven’t even ventured) but they will more crowded than you have ever seen.

Well when it comes down to Mistress Lucy’s future I am not sure where it is going to go…

I still have Only Fans which is slowly but surely increasing but I as I am not a porn queen I don’t expect it to make me a millionaire.

My content on there has had to change from the normal |Mistress Lucy you have been seeing in the past to a sexier Mistress Lucy as I need to entice you horny gentlemen in some how.

I could stay with the way I was before but not many would pay the monthly subscription to see me clothed and spank/cane a feeble sub.

Now if I was more likely to be less clothed and do the same thing then I would have more of a change of increasing my fans (this is what subs are called on Only Fans).

A good point for you but not so god for me is that I have had to reduce my subscription form $20 (£16) to$10 (£8) due to the situation.

Meet Hazel, Mistress Lucys Sexy But Feisty Alter Ego’s

This will a ongoing deduction for the mean time so get it while you can.

I also may have to use my website in a slightly different way in the near furfure. Having some different segments to it like spicing up your relationship or Agony Aunt Questions and Answers and other things.

Maybe eBooks on certain subjects that can be sent to you on request.

I say that because I can only put certain topics on here as it is a non membership login website and anyone (underage) can view it.

I’m not sure my descioon yet but I will let you know when I have thought about it.

Well I think I have covered everything I would like to talk to you about today.

If anything else exciting happens i will post it on here for sure.

If you would like to ask me about anything contact me and we can go from there.

Stay home and more importantly Stay Safe….