20 Dec 2019
December 20, 2019

Why I Cut My Hair Myself…

Friday 20th December 2019

Postmas Blog NO.20.
As a child, I would be taken to the local hairdressers every 6 weeks and have the page boy haircut. This was something like Joanna Lumley in the Avengers (for those who can remember that far back).
I didn’t know any different so I didn’t mind. It was the local trend at the time and it suited me so I stayed with it.

George was my regular hairdresser for at least 10 years and I would change my style as and when I was able to look after it myself better.

My Replica Real Hair Wig Of My Childhood

The one-length bob was my favorite style for a good while, Mary Quant fashion hairstyle.

As there are so many variations of it in so many different ways I would always find a look I liked.

I would get up 1 hour earlier than normal to blowdry my hair before school as if it wasn’t dried properly it would not sit right throughout the day.

When I left school I decided to go short as the other children at school would make fun of my ears as they protruded out further than anyone else.

This was the reason I kept my hair long to cover them. So when I started work I decided to go for a whole different look to make me look older.

My first real job was in a hair salon so I could have any style I wanted and it would go with the workplace.

Throughout my hairdressing career, I have been anything from black lopsided bob to short bleach-blonde crop.

The blonde I couldn’t keep for more than 2 recolors as I was very dark and it would take a lot to bring it to the nice ashy soft blonde that I wanted.

My Short Hair Cut

The last straw to the blonde phase was when I woke with a lot of hair on my pillow where it had broken off one morning.

Hence the 1/2 to a bolding fade haircut. This was the easiest hairstyle to manage but the fiercest hairstyle to carry off.

I knew I could carry any style off but its whether the people I worked with could look at me with it.

When your used to seeing someone with hair and then all of a sudden they don’t have any yes it is a shock to the system.

I was more shocked the next morning when I woke and scratched my head. Very worried at first then when I had surfaced from my deep sleep and looked at myself in the mirror I then realized that it wasn’t a dream.

Throughout the years, I have gone from long to short and over 2 – 3 more times in conjunction with changing my hair color.

To change your hair colour too often is not good for your hair. Eventually, it will give in and break off or go a strange candy floss texture and frizz up to something you won’t be happy with.

To find a hairdresser to cut my hair these days is a nightmare. They either are fantastic for 2 – 3 haircuts and then the 4th cut its like they go phyco on me and do as they please or just do a really bad cut that I have to redo myself and shorter.

Me In A Cutting Cape

So now I just do it myself. It’s a little difficult at first. With getting the hand mirror at the right angle but after 6 months of constant practice, I have it to a tee now.

I do have a long term client that has a short fetish so every now and again I will let him have a play with a longer clipper guard which doesn’t take much or any hair off at all.

Cutting my hair myself keeps me on the straight and narrow of emotions towards hairdressers. As now I don’t have to be annoyed at them anymore.

At least if I feel like a long hair day at any time I have plenty of wigs that I can choose from.

Just be careful of any salon hairdressers or barbers. Don’t fall under the spell-like I did and have to walk around with a horrible haircut until it grew out.

I have 30 years’ experience, so don’t worry your hair will be safe with me.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries. Do contact me and we can converse about this topic or others in greater detail.