03 Dec 2019
December 3, 2019

Wigs And Their Fabulousness……

Tuesday 3rd December 2019


To anyone that is not into dressing up for fun, fancy dress or even role play this won’t mean anything to you. I’m sure we are all young at heart and in some way or form, there’s Fabulousness in us all.

When I became seriously into transformations my love for wigs grew stronger and stronger.

As being in the hairdressing industry for over 30 years now I have the skills to transform a ratty cheap wig into a styled and sculpted piece of artwork if I wish to.

Technicolored Unicorn Synthetic Wig

To change a blonde hairpiece into a multi-colored rainbow of unicorn colors is my dream but to find a human hair wig to my liking and something that is not astronomically priced is hard to find these days.

I have ordered many wigs that are advertised as human hair, only to find they are not when I receive them.

There is a new breed of wig in synthetic hair that is heat resistant that can still be curled and straightened but not colored. The texture is near enough the same but not quite, if you know what I mean.

I never knew there was a synthetic textured wig that is like human hair before but there is. I was fooled, unfortunately…many times.

Technology these days is trying to make wigs affordable in the best way they possibly can.

For me to color and create my art pieces it has to be human hair.

Human Hair Wig Transformation

As for now, until I find what I am looking for, I am having fun cutting and styling the rat looking wigs that arrive in a plastic bag to me. Then transforming them into reasonably looking hairpieces that are good enough to transform a guy into a female and use for photoshoots.

Some of them could be passable as the real thing if you were to be seen in public with them on until you look closer at them.

A lot of the synthetic wigs these days have lace frontals (lace from ear to ear at the forehead area)/360 frontals (360 means the whole circumference of your hairline) on them.

This is so it looks like your own hairline, It can be either placed on your head for temporary usage or gelled down if you are having different

positioned activities and don’t want your hairpiece to fall off or move.

All the others (well I can see the traces) have either bad workmanship on the tracks (hair that is sewn to the mesh cap that makes the wig) or the quality of the hair itself.

On a level 2 upwards (level one is total crap and not even a conditioning treatment will resurrect it from the state it arrives to me in) I can

work my magic and bring up to its shining glory.

I have 15 wigs of all shades, styles, and lengths and will continue to add to my collection as that is my hobby and a way of relaxation.

To see something go through the changes that i put it through is fascinating to me.

I love what I do in every way possible and that shows in my end results, so I’ve been told.

Mistress Having Some Dress-Up Fun

So if you fancy being transformed from the alpha male you love to be, into an attractive female (that you may well fancy yourself) let me know.

I can do the mildest of fetish play to just stockings to the makeup, wig and clothing and shoes.

It’s a fun way to join the session together by capturing the memories with a mini or full photoshoot afterward or during.

This doesn’t need to happen but my photography can be as discreet or not as you request it to be.

Many times the way I apply your make-up, wig ect no one will know it’s you. Shocking but amazing how you can be someone your not in everyday life.

If you would like the full transformation please let me know your measurements and shoe size so I can see what I have in my wonderful wardrobe of fantasy. If not then we can converse about what you would like and then  I can arrange to have it delivered and ready for your arranged session.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries whatever they may be.