26 Feb 2020
February 26, 2020

Be Careful What you ask for…

Wednesday 26th February 2020

Daily Blog No.88.
When clients come to me they come to put their fantasies into reality but some have a massive shock when I turn out to be an action mistress than just a whatever mistress.
The difference between the two types of mistresses are that the whatever mistress takes on board what you say but does nothing about it and does what she wants in the session.

Lovely Shampoo And Set On The Last Visit

A action mistress is someone that listens and hears what you say and then at some point in your relationship with her she remembers what you have said and acts upon that fantasy.

I had a appointment today just like that. He had come to me for at least 5 sessions of 3 hours and I have got to know him very well.

He comes to me for his hairdressing fantasies. On the first time he came to me he mentioned about having a hand cuffed head shave. Now his hair was reasonably long for a gent of his age but this was so he could have a blow-dry and roller sets in a sissy fantasies.

After a few sessions he found he was very comfortable with giving me ides on what he would like but nothing to scripted. So I could guide the session how I wished.

Halfway Haircut

So today he came in and we chatted as normal. He undress down to nothing and sat in the barbers chair. I turned into mistress as soon as he sat down looking at him straight in the eye into the mirror to make him feel uneasy.

I reached out to his am as I grabbed the handcuff that was already attached to the arm of the chair. I cuffed him on both wrists and went back around to the back of the chair and stood with both my hands on his shoulders for a few seconds to unease him a bit more.

Still in silence I then reached for my leatherette apron and proceeded to put that on. He didn’t know what I had in mind but he knew it was a haircut as he was looking a little wind swept and untidy.

Blind Folded Head Shave

I started this haircut like a normal haircut, trimming my way around what need to be tidied. All of this time it was in silence, no talking. Then out of the blue I stopped what I was doing and went to look in my big black naughty box.

I came back with a roll of PVC tape. I proceed to wrap it around his head and over his eyes so he could not see but could hear what I was doing.

An expression on his face, even if you cant see it all tells a lot and at this point he let out a big sigh as if to say “Holy shyte what is she going to do?”

I then went over to m trolley and opened up the drawer and got out my clippers and all 8 guards. I lined them on the counter so I could see them as I used them one by one. from 8 down to the shortest I think he should be.

Once he heard the buzz of the clippers he remembered what he had said to me on the first session. As I skimmed the no .8 over the top of his head he moved like he was startled.

As I went to take the no.7 and then the NO.6. and 5 he was getting more and more tense in his relaxed body. When I finally decided on what number guard to stop at I took off the blindfold to let him see what his haircut was like.

Shamed Head Shave

Now because he had a blind fold on I could only do the top and partial sides leaving the back of the neck and ears long.

He was horrified that I had the balls to go ahead with this erotic in his mind but not so erotic fantasy in real life. He sat there gob smacked not knowing what to say. That was good because I didn’t want to talk as it would of ruined the atmosphere.

We still had an hour to go of the end of the session but I said to him that he looked pathetic with a shaved head and that I cant stand looking at him. So I dismissed him and he went on his way.

When telling an action mistress what your fantasies are, just be careful what you ask for…As in my case you will get it at some point in our journey together…

If you are brave enough to contact me to tell me your darkest and deepest fantasies,  go on…I dare you.

I will look forward to receiving you inquiries…