When mobile phones first came out a lot of people thought that it wasn’t for them. Now in the year 2019 it is an essential item for everyone from teenager to adult to have one.

If you are like me and carry your mobile phone around with you everywhere you go then when it goes wrong OMG it seems like the end of the world.

I was advised to have a work and a personal phone a few months ago. I’m so glad I took my accountants advice.

I have had Apple devices for about 10 years now as the contracts have always been 24 months long. I joined the apple industry when iPhone 5 was in fashion. So that shows you how long I have been a iPhone fan.

Unfortunately (as my grandmother use to say) “they don’t make things like they used to” and I agree as truthfully they don’t.

My iPhone 7 plus has gone wrong 3 times in this past contract which finishes in august 2019. It has forced me to make the descion to finish with iPhone and change over to android.

I took out a huawei pro 20 4 months ago because the sales man was so convincing but I’m glad I did. The reviews blow Apple iPhone out of the water.

So all I can say to Apple is ‘be careful as there are some small companies out there stepping up there mark to make bigger and better products than you’.

So to recap on this informative blog…..I have a new number which is 07944309638. I will be changing it to be my only contact number very soon but until then I can receive calls and texts on both numbers.

For all you WhatsApp users I can only have this on my new number.

So look forward to receiving all your enquiries on all those kinky niches you have in mind.

28 Oct 2018
October 28, 2018

My Take on Kink

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Northants Mistress

Kinky sounds very strange to some people but to me its perfectly normal. To a regular person who doesn’t embrace the fetish scene PVC and latex wouldn’t mean anything to them but until you try it your never know.

I delved into purchasing some latex the other day. I have been looking for something that would be striking but not to ‘look at me everyone’ because I am a Mistress after all and not a escort or stripper.

As you can see from the photo attached it looks amazing and feels great once on (getting it on was a task but once id managed to accomplished that its was all good and worth it).

Latex is a growing love of mine but when I got into PVC that really opened my eyes. All shiny and reflective off of any light I’m standing by or in. Photography is amazing in certain angles. When It comes to dressing up in PVC, latex, corsets, boots of any length or height of the heel or anything like that I just love it.

Making my feeble little subs drawl at the sight of their mistress looking powerful and dominating is very much a plus in my books lol grovel bitches, grovel like your mistress demands you do lol

Looking forward to receiving all you silly little emails and texts pleading with me to make room for you all on my list of adequate specimens.

Well what are you waiting for???? Contact me or your time will run out.

Northampton Mistress