Blog No.179

Good morning sweetie and Happy Christmas to you,

It has been a while and I know in previous years for December I have done special things to celebrate but sometimes other things take my time up more than my mistressing. So apologies for the lack of updates this year.

Who would have thought that 2023 would go by so fast and yet so much has happened in a short amount of time?

Smokey – 16 years old (2020)

So are you having a Fetish Festive Christmas this year?

For many, they will have the traditional Christmas of inviting everyone together for Christmas dinner and watching the Queen’s speech at 3 pm (ops sorry King’s speech). I still can’t get the hang that we have a king now and not a queen. She reigned for 50 years of my life and that is a hard routine to change.

The word family is a controversial topic I know but it all depends on how you were brought up and with what type of parents. To me, my true family is my furbabies. Anyone who has followed me for a while will know that since I moved into my home just under 20 years ago my furbabies have been my everything.

Yes, they talk to me (no I’m not a crazy old cat lady. Well not crazy yet). They give me hugs and comfort when it is needed and just being in my house makes the 4 walls, a home. That is all I ask from them and obviously, I give back my unconditional love forever for them.

Tigi – 17 Years Old (Younger Photo)

So unfortunately 2 years ago on the 11th of this month Smokey my eldest pusscat and will always be my first love (because he is and was slightly older than Tigi) passed from a horrible Thyroid illness. He declined over a month previous and was comforted by his sister Tigi til the end whilst cradled in my arms.

Tigi didn’t take his passing well and for a good 12-18 months after would hide for hours on end wanting to be alone and when she came out she would opera sing calling for him at the top of my staircase at random hours of the day and night.

Taylor – 10 Years Old (Younger Photo)

Everything was normalish as could be, right up to the end of November 2023, Then, if I think back she started to act a little different as she went off her food and treats that she normally liked. I was very observant of her as I wanted to see if it was her depression that was taking her eating habits away or if she was ill. This went on for 14 days. For the last 5 days, she barely had anything to eat or drink. I tried to get her to take some small quantities of food and water throughout the day and night but she wouldn’t even lift her head to acknowledge what I put there for her.

To this day, I still think it was her depression that she gave in to. Yes, we all have to get on with life in general after a bereavement and yes it takes time to heal a broken heart but with cats/animals it affects them differently. Many species of the animal kingdom live only for one partner. I know Tigs was Smokey’s Sister but sometimes that is enough for an individual. For Tigi, Smokey was her everything.

Sandy – 13 Years Old (Younger Photo)

I think she struggled with her emotions more than she let me know. She passed at 11:20 pm on Sunday 10th December 2023. Unfortunately not peaceful. As soon as she felt her time was up she was very vocal to her last breath. Calling out to Smokey, maybe saying “I’m coming smokes, wait for me on the green fields at Heaven Gate. I won’t be long”.

It is terrible when a loved one leaves you but when you see them suffer for so long I am grateful that her broken heart has been healed now by being with her brother again. When Smokey passed it was painful but I had Tigs to cuddle up with as she was Smokey’s blood family. Now that she has passed as well I have Gorgus who is the next eldest but it’s not Tigi or Smokey. I love and cherish all my furbabies the same but they were my first kitties and I will never forget them.

Gorgus – 17 years old (Present Day Photo)

Gorgus is gorgeous, and very loving in her own way but since Tigis has gone she has been very understanding and affectionate, more so than ever before. She even sitting right by me whilst I type this blog. Bless her.

Each time a furbaby passes it breaks a piece of my heart away and gets me ready for the next time. This is not a nice thing to think about but the more kitties one has the more times your heart is bound to be broken.

Tommy – 15 Years Old (Younger Photo)

I’m a gluten for punishment. I have had 9 furbabies over the past 19.5 years. 4 were strays that walked into my garden and didn’t leave (they know where there is a loving home), but unfortunately, they are no longer with us due to underlying illnesses that took them.

2 were given to me as brother and sister (Smokey 17.4 years old, and Tigi 19.5 years old), Sandy was born in a neighbor’s shed a few gardens down from me and escaped to my garden (don’t know how as he was weeks old when I found him) Tommy was unwanted and Taylor was rescued from a friends dog that he cornered their back garden. 

Then last of all is Bertie. They say cats warm to you for a reason. He walked into my garden in May 2022 when Smokey passed in the previous December. As he is a white cat maybe he’s Smokey’s messenger disguised as an angel. He is around 2 years old now. A whirlwind of energy but he has been put in his place a few times by the elderly generation. It’s like putting a 20-year-old in an old people’s home. We are all subdued and calm and he wants to play and run around all the time when he is not stealing the other kitties’ beds.

Bertie – 2 years old (Summer 2023)

So this is a message I would like to leave you with…

Please love your furbabies with all your heart and treat them with lots of playtimes and treats as they will give you so much pleasure in return.

Sorry this was not as a fetish-related blog as you may have expected but my furbabies have been taking up a lot of my emotions and time lately and this topic of cracking down on unloved and unwanted animals needs to stop. If you don’t think you can give the love that they will need don’t say yes to a furbaby in the first place.

I know a lot of my clients and friends have furbabies themselves and shower them with lots of love that they deserve. Thank you for doing that and you will be rewarded unconditionally with your furbabies love.

So have a very furbaby-cuddly Christmas and I will catch up with you before the new year MLx


16 Mar 2023
March 16, 2023

The Update On Lucy’s Fetish Closet…

Blog No.177 – Lucy’s Fetish Closet Blog No.1

Let me update you briefly so that you will know a little about the situation even if you haven’t known about me before.

I decided to create a website to sell fetish wear in 2020 and launched it on December 31st so I would go into the new year with a grand entrance.

Oh, dear was I so wrong about it all. So, continue reading and I will let you know the full story…

How It All Started…

I have always had the idea that I would like to have my own fetish website right from when started 17 maybe even 18 years ago. Somewhere I could share my love of corsets, wigs, etc, and sell them to all my admires, cross-dressing sissy maids, etc…
I have a few friends but not many know about my hobby. So the few that knew I told them my ideas and they loved it. It’s best to have people like the same thing and then I could be myself and not have to hide anything. As regular people don’t understand the fetish world.
My ideas were always going to be elaborate as I had multiple amounts of thoughts and to mix them all up to connect with each other would be so much fun. Little did I know that it wasn’t that easy, designing, yes but actually building it, no. As a beginner, it was a massive task.

Keeping Myself Occupied During Lockdown…

So being that we were in lockdown for most of 2020 I thought it would be a good idea to start the website then to occupy my mind. I love being in my home with my kitty cats anyway but keeping me busy is essential as I get bored very quickly when I don’t have anything to do.
I had always had an interest in web designing for years. I tried to do it twice before, it was a complete fail as I tried to do it cheaply and at hardly any cost. Of course, it failed even before I started. This time I thought to myself I am not giving up until I succeed. I could say that I had the capital this time. We managed to raise £10k between us. Would it be enough? Not sure but we were going to give it a go.

Researching The Topic…

I first started looking at youtube videos on how to build a website with word press. I was advised that this was the easiest website for beginners to adapt to. I had been researching for years but I was much more serious about it now. I had tried to follow the videos previously only to come to brick walls each time. The reason was that the video was a year or 2 old and the word press that I was working with had been updated several times in that space of that time. So the screens that I could see on my laptop were different from what was on the video.

A Helping Hand Just At The Right Time…

Skipping a couple of days later, I received a phone call from a website that I had looked at online one night whilst browsing. I must have pressed an inquiry button and forgotten about it. I randomly answered the call. I very rarely pick up unexpected calls that I don’t know who it is.
The chap was very nice and he was saying all the right things that I need to hear at that moment. As I was not having any luck starting my website he was a breath of fresh air.  So because he was experienced in that field of intelligence I automatically warmed to his conversation.
We spoke for about 30 minutes and concluded to have another phone call to talk over the details of the website that I particularly wanted.  After the 2nd phone call, I agreed that I needed professional advice and maybe someone to start my website with the basics. I then could edit it myself according to my plans.
At the end of the business transaction, he ended up starting me on a word press website theme that I could very easily adapt to and build what I wanted with it.

A Lot Of Late Nights/Ealy Mornings…

Many nights I stayed up into the early hours of the morning. Learning how to make pages and linking them with permalinks and buttons to interlink everything together. (Wow look at me as if I know what I’m talking about Ha Ha Ha). Really making the pages so enthralling and interesting to the kinkster that they would want to click onto the next page and next page and never want to stop.
I was like a kid in a candy store wanting to try every sweet that there was to offer. My brain grew from a pea to a brussel sprout size within weeks Ha Ha Ha It was a standing joke amongst my friends.

100mph Thought Tank 24/7…

Each day I would open my eyes from resting my stressed brain and automatically be thinking what the next thing I had to do for the website. One of the things that really worried me was that I would be sharing these ideas with my partner friends and then not be able to deliver and show them the website. Many a time I had doubt in myself but it was because I was learning as I was building this amazing idea into reality. Every time I had an ounce of doubt, an ounce of confidence in another idea would counteract the doubt. I didn’t want to be all talk and no action as this was an amazing project and I so badly wanted it to happen.

So Much Fun Spending Money…

In between days of working on the website, I would take time out and do some online shopping for the products that I was planning to list on my website. As a woman, I was in my element. Females and shopping are like duck and water it just goes together so well. Dangerous in some cases but in my case if I didn’t have any products I had nothing to sell my avid onlookers.

Interaction Fetish Subscription…

As I was halfway to the completion another idea came to my thoughts. An interaction fetish subscription section. “Dam,” I said, “this could be wild to play when is fully finished”. As I mentioned before I have mad ideas sometimes and most of them are bigger and more expensive than I could ever afford to do.
If anyone is interested in funding the idea then by all means message me and we can chat about it. As unfortunately I never got to start it, let alone complete it.

Payment System…

As the seasons changed and the months passed so it was getting closer to finishing the project but there was one last major thing to put into place… the payment system.
One of my friends was a business tech guy that knew a lot about computers and behind the scenes. He was also very good at researching a subject and finding out how it worked even though he wasn’t familiar with it.
We tried to connect with Paypal in the right way they liked us to do it. There are lots of rules and regulations with this company and what a palaver that was. 

Descretion Is Key…

When it was finally set up I then thought that customers won’t want Lucy’s Fetish Closet on their bank statements. Not having done this before I didn’t realize until it was too late to change. So I tried to change the email address that was connected in the back office so the receipt email the customer would receive would not have the website name on it.  I was trying to think of all angles so it was a smooth operation and not have any paper trace connected to Lucy’s Fetish Closet but it was becoming impossible.
The only way would be to change the title of the website and that would be an enormous job to do.
Maybe I was thinking too hard about this and because of that, I was causing most of the mix-up because I wanted to change too many things and it was just complicating everything.
At this point, I wish I had taken up the offer that the chap who helped me start all of this. I didn’t take it because he quoted me £10,000.00 for a fully-fledged website. Wow so much money when I could do it myself.

Respect To All Web Designs…

Now, sitting here typing this blog I am in ore of all website designers (especially the chap who is running this website for me). There is more going on in the back office than you realize.

Launch Day…

So when we got the website to a level of what we were happy with we decided on a launch day and stuck to it. Being that it was new years eve my friends had partners and wanted to be with them. I was fine with that as I like my own company.
The launch day came and I was a bag of nerves. I kept going onto the website to see if everything was working and connecting right but by 4 pm I stopped. Otherwise, I would have probably done something that would have mucked it all up. Then it wouldn’t work at all.
I decided to get dressed up for the occasion to make it feel special to me. After all, this was my baby, and my friends were just silent partners (which they had agreed on at the beginning).
11;30pm I checked on where the release button was to launch the website so I would be ready. Right, I’m all ready and sitting waiting. Coffee in one hand and stroking a kitty cat in the other who was on my lap to keep me calm.
5. 4. 3. 2. and I pressed the button to set the website live. Now because the fireworks from neighbors went off at the strike of 12 midnight it made me jump and look away. So I didn’t see if the button was pressed in the correct way. I sat there in confusion. I went onto my phone to see if it was live and it came up with the coming soon page. ” OMG,” I thought. So I texted a friend “can you check the website on your phone or laptop please?”.
Sometimes because my devices are logged and recognized to the website, my devices may react differently to other people’s devices that are not connected to my wifi.

Very Over Whelming…

Yes, they said they could see Lucy’s Fetish Closet in all its glory on their mobiles. I sat back in astonishment. I had to pinch myself to believe it  So what happens now???
I suppose because it was new years eve everyone had parties to go to etc and were busy. I had a few texts come through congratulating me on all my good work. Which I was really happy with but no orders. ‘Oh’ i thought maybe they are just browsing and will order tomorrow.
I ended up going to bed around 1 am as I was so exhausted from all the work and build-up to the launch. That night’s sleep was restless. I woke several times but was not tempted to sneak a look at the website. I thought I would wait til I actually woke properly.

Such A Shame…

In the whole 6 months that Lucys Fetih Closet was live I got 1 order for a pair of panties. It was such a heartbreaking experience that when the renewal for the website came around I went on and closed the site down. It’s not worth keeping something going if I’m not getting any comeback from it.

Ghosting Is not Nice…

I researched afterward about why I didn’t do well. For some Adult website owners, it is very hard to get recognition because there are lots of (again) rules and regulations on social media to do with this topic. It doesn’t matter how much you post about your website if the social media website doesn’t like you then they will shadow-ban you and no one will see your posts.
This is what happened to me on Instagram. I was on there for years trying to get some following and within 5 years or so I only got 400 followers. Twitter is different as it’s more lenient with images etc but even so.
The pandemic had a lot to do with it as well.  Everyone was holding back their money in many cases as they didn’t know what was happening from one month to the next and bills where their top priority.

Gaining Knowledge…

All in all, I gained a lot of experience from the project and it has made me much wiser on online matters but the world is still going through money troubles.
I think anyone that has succeeded online has had the right people in the business to help them and a lot of money to back them up.
I still have not recovered from the debt that the website has put me in and I will be struggling to repay my friends for a good few years to come.
Luckily they are very good friends and completely understand the situation.

Advice To Anyone That Wants To Build An Adult-Themed E-commerce Website…

So to anyone that is looking at building a website, do your homework first. Plan and plan again before you start anything. As it may look easy but there’s a lot more to look into before the manual build of the website itself.

Better Understanding…

At least if I have this opportunity again I will have a better understanding and knowledge to start the project at A B C and not be jumping in at D before starting with A, if that makes sense.
So the way forward with Lucy’s Fetish Closet is to use the title still but advertise the products in blogs with links to pages for the individual products (or something like that). I will update you as and when I do the blogs. As I will be releasing them one by one so I will trickle them into my social media and not overwhelm you with too many at the same time.

Contact Me…

If you would like to know anything else about websites etc or even purchase anything you have seen in my photography on my social media then I would be happy to hear from you.
Take care in all you do sweetie and stay safe, ML x

Blog No.176

Oh my hasn’t time flown by sweetie? I can not believe it was December 2022 that I last blogged. So much has happened since then. With the world and with me. I will try to blog more often as I do enjoy it.

I decided to delve deeper into selling my items on eBay. What an experience that has been as it has been very much yet another learning curve.

Late Nights and Early mornings…

New – Black Satin Court Shoes With Jewel Ankle Strap £30.00

So all the people that have known me for a while I am all or nothing type of person. I put my all into a topic or I won’t do it at all. So I decided to sell all the items that I could on the eBay platform that they would let me.

I have been working strange hours, when the mood gets me I just work through and that’s how I can get masses of items listed. I put my all into my descriptions of each product so the buyer really gets the feel for who I am and what the item is all about.

There’s a fine line between what is acceptable and what is pushing their policy rules. As we say 1 rule for one and a completely different rule for another. So I listed a complete maid’s outfit on there with a wig and accessories. Had 3 different listings on there with 3 different wigs.

7.38 am yesterday morning all 3 items were taken off there plus 18 more items from my shop. I had been up all night and several other consecutive nights working on those listings.

What I don’t understand is this… It’s not the word CROSSDRESSING  or UNISEX  or MAIDS OUTFIT that is violating their policy. It is because it is in a real setting and on a human being.

New – Maids Outfit (Shoe Sold Separately) £49.99

I would have thought that would have been much more appealing to bring buyers into my shop to buy things. Maybe my way of thinking is out of the box and this world is boring and lifeless when it comes to advertising. There are too many rules and regulations when it comes to adult products. I didn’t even have any body parts showing in my photos as they were all covered with emojis or blurred out.

Still, I have stopped worrying about that as I can advertise things on here in a tasteful way of course. I won’t get as many viewings as eBay but I will get niche viewings. which is better in the long run.

So I have added some photos to this blog so you can see what I am selling. I won’t be able to work my website like a shop as it doesn’t have a payment facility but if you contact me to let me know what you are interested I and then we can discuss what I can send you etc…

Mistress Lucy’s Fetish Closet (New Style)…

New – Cupcake Apron Set (Wig and Shoes Not included) £25.99

I will explain all about the original Lucy’s Fetish Closet in a separate blog as there is a lot to go over.

So this time I will look at my shop in a different way on a smaller and simpler scale. Which will be just as great but I will have to keep my big ideas for another project if the opportunity arises.

I always like big and wonderful projects but Lucy’s Fetish Closet would have taken a lot more money than I could have arranged to have.

So now I will post my photography of the items I’m selling and if you would like to purchase anything then just contact me and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.

This time it will be payment via bank transfer only. I am a very genuine and trustworthy person and I have had many clients pay me in bank transfers many times over the past years.

I understand there are many scammers and frauds around this day ( I have been a victim to many) but I am here to help you receive your fetish items and be a friend, not to take your money one time and block you like a lot of stories of mistresses I have heard in the past.

Explaining about me is not going to help you make your decision but only you can do that but I do hope we can be friends so I can treat you with lots of free gifts in your orders.

I will look forward to receiving your message and inquiries. Take care in all you do and stay safe, ML x

29 Dec 2022
December 29, 2022

December/Christmas 2022…

Thursday 29th December 2022

Blog No.175

Wow, what a December we’ve all had. If it’s not the fact that we have to arrange family celebrations for the one day of the year e can eat and drink what we want but we had to deal with viruses and – degrees cold weather.

29/12/22 – One of the New and Improved Hairstyles For Mistress Lucy

I was going to do the blogmas that I did the year before but it crept up on us before we knew it and I didn’t have time to prepare. I never like to do the same thing every year but I am posting on Twitter a lot more. so have a look on there and you will be able to follow me on my hairdressing and barbering fun journey that I am on.

Christmas like every year is a major build up and then in a cough and sneeze it’s gone. I, like every year (but I’m fine with it), spend it with my 6 furbaby kitties. This year was a little sad, due to my eldest baby boy cat passing the year before. Every day feels strange without him but December always brings the memory back closer to my heart.

Well on a happier note, I have got closer to a few of my clients this year. Great friendship is always better than relationships I think. This year I have made 5 new friendships that I value greatly.  We have had fun in session and out of session. I have had lots of fun apart from that but choosing your closest friends is not always possible with everyone. Friendship happens without you noticing it sometimes.

It happens with you enjoy each other’s company one day at a time and before you know it you have known each other for 3-4 or more years.

29/12/22 – Pussy-bow Hairdressing Cape

Time passes much more quickly than we realize but in that time you get to know one another and then you realize that life is not just materialistic but more importantly knowing that you have someone there to put out a helping hand when you need it.

Choosing to be in the industry comes with big decisions over time. I chose to be a mistress because it’s in my nature and over the years family started to put their noses in where it wasn’t needed. So I had to make the choice of progression or family. Unfortunately, if anyone is holding you back on what you want to do or be then sorry they have to go. A harsh decision but we only have one life and we shouldn’t waste it. So the consequences of my decision comes with Christmas day being alone with the kitties (which I love) and birthdays being just another day (apart from this one just gone when I was 50 years old) but I’m fine with that.

I have been a mistress for a long time and looking back over the years on how I have changed and developed I can sit here now and say I am very happy in my own skin. Yes, I have gone from being a soft individual that maybe anyone could have walked all over ( i don’t mean trampling as I do the trampling in my sessions) to a tough old bird (as someone once described me) that would give you a good hiding if the situation needed it. Much wiser is what I am now but unfortunately not as wealthy as I would like to be due to the pandemic. It has not helped a lot of us really but we are not the only ones as it’s everyone internationally that is suffering from it as well.

So as I mentioned earlier, I would have loved to do something special for you in December but I have something just as enjoyable in the coming months that will make up for it.

If you look at my Twitter page you will see that I launched the first of my new design hairdressing capes. I will be releasing more colours in time to come but I thought that red would be appropriate for Christmas. I had been working on the design for it for a good while and gave my twitter flowers (as I mistakenly called them one time by mis-spelling followers and it has stuck ever since) a sneak peek in the weeks previously and it intrigued them greatly. They were asking questions but I didn’t want to give a direct answer until I was ready. I research the design a lot to make sure no one else had thought of it first and was unable to find anywhere that did these types of hairdressing capes.

So if you are interested in purchasing a newly designed cape let me know, (even if it is a mix of fabrics, etc you have made up yourself) contact me and we can discuss it further.

So on that topic of discussion, I will bid you good night as it is 3.15 am and my eyelids are feeling heavy.

Take care in all you do sweetie and more importantly stay safe x

19 Oct 2022
October 19, 2022

15 Years Pass By And Yet Where Has It Gone…

Wednesday 19th October 2022

Blog No.173

Not Bad For 50 Years Old, Well Nearly…

Hello sweetie…Is time passing quickly or is it me? I wake on a Monday morning and before I know it it’s Friday again. The days, weeks, and months let alone the years are passing so fast.

As I sit in my office just off my dimly light kitchen stroking my kitty, Tigi and looking through my diary. I skip through October’s monthly planner at the front of the book and notice that I have been in the industry for nearly 16 years. “Wow” I say to myself and notice that I have a birthday quickly approaching on the 10th of November.


Normally birthdays are just another day to me but this one is another decade passing me by. I don’t mean to say that on a sad note but on a shocked note. I don’t feel my age. Well since I have become a little curvier than I do some days but apart from that, I am very happy in my own skin.

Strict Eye Contact …

Younger Versus Older…

When I was younger I used to think about what I would look and be like at 30 years old, 40, and then 50 years old. Now I am 23 days from my 50th birthday. I look at myself and think about what I have experienced through my past years. What an interesting life I have had so far and here’s to many more decades to come. So now that I am officially in the right age frame of being an eccentric old-school mistress I intend to act like one. However, how is an eccentric old mistress is supposed to act and look? lol Although I wear wigs and glasses to fit my character I enjoy looking this way. I do feel that when it comes to actually wearing glasses for my sight and wearing wigs as my hair is thinning I will be very happy to do so. lol I don’t think my hair will be so thin that I will have to cover it up, as my mother had reasonable hair into her late 80’s til she passed.


So, as this Eccentric Mistress Lucy is fighting strong even though I’m not so ancient (as one of my disrespectful not so clients) remarked recently. I have decided to open ‘Mistress Lucys Online Fetish University’. It will be a phone call, video call, text, and email service where I will customize a daily/weekly/monthly routine that will wet your taste buds with a touch of Domination, BDSM, Sissification, Therapy etc, (or just a naughty fetish conversation) to the individuals that can not visit me or live too far from me to do so. The tribute for my time will be £50 per day, £150 per week, and £500 per month (customized to the individual as to what your fetish is and what your real lifestyle will accommodate). If you care to take these offers it will be much more cost-effective than paying for each day as you go but it is up to you totally. My tribute will be paid via bank transfer to an account I keep empty, especially for this type of payment. It will be slightly different from the times that I take appointments. Hours starting at 9 am to 12 midnight.

Crazy Eccentric Old Lady Mistress Lucy lol I do Like To Roleplay…

All that Is offered within the Fetish University is negotiable and discreet. Now, as long as you are polite at all times all are welcome. The age preference starts at 18 years and there is no age preference it stops at (as I know what you elderly gentlemen like in your late 90’s). If I find that you are disrespecting myself or test me (playing me around and not in a good way) in any way, I will terminate your verbal contract and ban you from ever contacting me again. Your choice to be a good boy or not.


So if you would like to join ‘Mistress Lucy’s Online Fetish University’ then send me an email, direct message on my social media, or text and we can converse more on the subject.

For more in-depth details please contact me via whatever preference you prefer. I will look forward to receiving your inquiries.

Take care in all you do and stay safe…

Saturday 13th August 2022

Blog No.172

Well, have I been up to some interesting finds this week… Well, I have been putting it to the test over the past 4 weeks actually but I didn’t want to say too much until I tested it fully.

This is not going to be my usual blog but it will benefit everyone that wants to take part in it. To anyone that has been following me on Twitter you would have seen that I have decided to go partially plant-based due to digestive aches and pains. Partially because I can not go without bread and mayonnaise/salad dressing (I will say a bit more about that in a moment).

Over the past month, I have put many energy-saving ideas to plan. No one likes to pay bills anyway let alone utility bills if we have to. Energy companies have us by the short and curlies as to what they want us to pay. I am not going to be ruled by them. So if I can cut down on using electricity and water as much as possible I will.

These are just ideas that I have put into play myself. I am happy living like this and if you want to use some of them then that is fine.

  1. Use battery operated lighting instead of plug in or mains light.
  2. Use my laptop, tablet, or phone for music instead of the tv.
  3. Do 1 – 2 cycles in my washing machine per week. Instead 3 or 4 cycles.
  4. Hoovering needs to be done but I used to do it on a daily but now i do it when it needs to be done. I sweep more than anything now a days.

I have also changed the way I use water either not using as much or re-using the water I am using.

  1. Take fewer showers. 2 or 3 a week (instead of 1 every day) and have a basin wash in between those days. To keep fresh all day long I use baby wipes when I go to the toilet. They are lovely when kept in the fridge. Cools down the essential bits on a hot day. I am still clean but if I do not have an appointment and I am home all day alone then that day then I will not shower but basin wash. Water is pricey even if it’s not as expensive as electricity. It still mounts up.
  2. Now this will be disgusting to some people but not to me. If I am in the house on my own with the kitties I will only flush the toilet twice a day and every time for a no.2. An average flush takes 4 to 6 gallons of water. Every savings helps.
  3. Use the washing machine less (as I have mentioned previously about electric) as an average wash takes anything from 14 to 20 gallons of water.
  4. When I wash up I only use cold water and no washing-up liquid (as I don’t eat anything with fat or oil residue). I preserve the water in a washing-up bowl and when I have finished I put it on the plants in my garden. Yes, it may have leftover veg, salad, and fruit in it but that is all biodegradable.

I also have changed my way of eating. I don’t eat any processed or meat or fish-based products EG: red or white meat or any type of fish, cereal, or ready-made meals, etc. Only plant-based grown items. Yes, I do still eat bread and mayonnaise, etc as I feel have to have something weight in my meals and a sauce of some kind makes the salad, etc taste more interesting. So now I don’t have any fatty or oily residue on my plates when I wash up. The cat’s food is not oily at all and simply slides off the bowl because I rinse the item immediately or soak them in cold water if need be.

I live a very basic life now but I am happy with it. Now that I have had to or choose to make these changes I feel I have wasted a lot of money on bills in the past when I could have been more careful.

I am not tight with money in any way but more careful. I am lucky that I signed up for a fixed deal of £80 a month with my electric bill until May 2023 but gosh only knows what it will be like when I need to renew it. Fingers crossed it won’t be as aggressive in price then as it is now but I will see.

The energy companies have been extremely greedy over the years. Now it has come to a peak in the next few months and I really hope something drastic happens for the better. To actually be proud of profiting £1.6 billion in the last 6 months and £262 million the year previous is dam right despicable and is going to damage this country in more ways than one.

If we all went off grid then where would the utility companies be then? I know that is not completely possible but it’s a lovely thought though. To be bill less will only be possible in our dreams

Right, I’m off to tend my cucumber plants (seed from the center of the bought cumber) and tomatoes plants (seeds from inside the bought tomatoes), and mango and avocado plants. I thought in this tropical weather that we are having I might as well give it ago.

Take care in all you do sweetie and stay safe. Talk soon.

17 Jul 2022
July 17, 2022

50% Heat Wave Sale On MY Etsy Shop…

Sunday 17th July 2022

Blog No.170

Well, my mind has got to the point where it is overflowing with ideas and together with this heat (32 degrees) I think I’m going to explode lol. so I have launched my Etsy shop with a whopping 50% heatwave sale.

Furry4paws6 Etsy t-shirt

As I have been through a lot with the other website I now am learning even more about algorithms and social media than I ever have. So to get the algorithm to notice me I have to have sales and ratings but to get sales and ratings I have to get the algorithm to notice me. OMG, what a palarvah (yes I think I just made that word up). It is fun but stressful at the same time.

The best thing about it is designing the prints that go on them. At the present time have domination and 2 other fun comical designs but there will be more as the days and weeks go by. All the t-shirt designs can be personalized. So f you require different wording on there or a completely different design then let me know and I can do that for you as well.

In this crazy mucked up world, we all have to do what we can for income if we have fun along the way then that is a big bonus, which I am.

I’m sorry it’s short and sweet but I thought I would pop my head in and say ‘hi’ as I like to keep you updated when I can.

Take care in all you do and stay safe sweetie…

Thursday 30th June 2022

Blog No.170

When I was putting yesterday’s blog together I didn’t realize that I would be so eager to design another one. It really all depends on eBay and their start-up allowances of how many products you can build your shop up in the first month or so. They change their rules all the time but let’s hope it is all good from now on.

I feel I have got the bug for designing t-shirts now (don’t worry that’s the only bug I have as I am 100% healthy in myself). So if I design them faster than I can upload them on eBay I will do a blog on each one and the fetish it was designed around and upload it on here. Then this gives you the advantage to have them before anyone else.

So today’s t-shirt is a bit cheeky but it is passable for anyone that wants to wear it. It covers a Body Worship, Tattoo, Leather, Spike, Power Dressing, and Dominant Mistress Look fetish. As you can see that is a couple or more handfuls of fetishes if ever I did see one. I still can’t believe that is me but this is what corsets do to an ample body.

If there are any topics you would like me to design a t-shirt around, please let me know and I will do so for you.

I will always advertise on eBay as well as here but if you would like to buy through an anonymous bank transfer instead (no name will be shown on your statement but it is my account) then that is fine as well. Contact me and we can talk about it then.

Well, my 3 am spurt of energy is finally coming to an end and I need to sleep.

So keep watching this space to see what new products I will come up with.

Take care in all you do sweetie and talk soon.

P.S. Just to let you know…the pricing on eBay is in dollars with free postage.

They are printed in England so it should be an average delivery time (2 to 5 days) after they have been completed and packaged and ready to post to you.

I have had t-shirts from the same brand for years and they are made with a nice soft non-iron cotton fabric. Hang them up and they will be crease-free when dry. Also, a major plus is the image and wording do not crake when pulled tight or with movement. Even over the past 4 years that I have had my first t-shirts from them. I am mentioning this from my own experience.

Any questions please contact me as I will always be pleased to hear from you.

29 Jun 2022
June 29, 2022

Mistress Lucy First Brand T-Shirt…

Wednesday 29th June 2022

Blog No.169

After being a Mistress for the past 15 years I now have decided to produce some merchandise. The topic of my career is very controversial on many social media and selling platforms. So as you see I have designed it very plainly. People that know me and know of me they will understand what the design means and what it is saying without a lot of words.

When I started to look through my photos I had to pick carefully. Anything that may cause offense to the timidest of people is not advisable for the first item on my list of products.

I thought I would play it safe at the beginning and pick a t-shirt to show my new brand off with. The only place the brand name will be seen is on the inside label at the neck collar.

I have advertised on eBay to start with but if you would like to buy through an anonymous bank transfer (no name will be shown on your statement but it is my account) then that is fine as well. Contact me and we can talk about it then.

I am looking into other products but definitely more t-shirts. The thing is, for me to pick a slogan on the t-shirt I have to be careful as if it gives too much away no one will want to wear it.

Visiting me is normally kept a secret so when you wear my branded t-shirt it has to be in a way you know and anyone that sees you wearing it knows but it doesn’t give the absolute topic away if you know what I mean.

So keep watching this space to see what new products I will come up with. I will be blogging about every one of them as i put together the designs and load them to my eBay store.

Take care in all you do sweetie and talk soon.

P.S. Just to let you know…the pricing on eBay is in dollars with free postage. They are printed in England so it should be an average delivery time (2 to 5 days) after they have been completed and packaged and ready to post to you.

I have had t-shirts from the same brand for years and they are made with a nice soft non-iron cotton fabric. Hang them up and they will be crease-free when dry. Also, a major plus is the image and wording do not crake when pulled tight or with movement. Even over the past 4 years that I have had my first t-shirts from them. I am mentioning this from my own experience.

Any questions please contact me as I will always be pleased to hear from you.

Saturday 11th June 2022

Blog No.168


When I first decided to have an online business I never would have thought it would have been this stressful and brain-busting. I am very much a manual type of person. Sitting down and using the back office part of my brain has never been my strong point, until now.

I have done loads of homework before I made the decision to begin putting my plan into action. In January 2020 I started thinking very seriously about my career because of the pandemic. Coming into contact with my appointments and putting myself at risk every time I meet a stranger was worrying me to the extent of only doing online work and slowly steering away from physical appointments.

I sat down with my business partner and spoke my mind to see what he would do. He recommended not to give up on appointments, well not yet. carry on with them but test before meeting each one. Then when business picks up and it covers my earnings then I can think about what to do about appointments.

Well, we are now in June and unfortunately, it has taken this long to iron out all the creases and problems has had. So although I did all the hyping up of the website last year, I can honestly say it was a slow start.

So I will be blogging about items that I will be selling on there so you can get an insight as to why these items are used and things that you can use them with.

Some people that are very vanilla/straight-laced do not know about the fetish industry until they are told about it or explained about certain things.

So much fun to be had in every which way. If you would like to know more about whatever you wish then Contact me and we can converse in whatever form you feel comfortable.

Take care in all you do and don’t be silly, be safe.