Wednesday 18th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.109.
What is the fascination with mammary glands? Why do they serve a purpose in everyone’s fantasies?

Mistresses real chesticles…

If a a female has large or small ones there is a person whether it be the opposite sex or same sex that always loves to look or feel them.

Granted like other parts of the body not everyone is born beautiful but there is always some one out there that will find you gorgeous for what ever reason.

When a man dresses like a female he always thinks that the boobs are part of the transformation but it not always the case. Not all women have large boobs.

Some of the worlds most attractive models/celebrities are flatter chested.

Kathy’s Fake Chicken Fillets (Bra Implants)

When they do dress up and look at themselves with implant in their bra it really doesn’t look or feel right because that’s not how they were born.

Flat chested or smaller breasted women look perfect for their body shape.

I’m not against plastic surgery but some of these women should take note of the doctors/surgeons advice as the implants are made to certain shapes for certain body types.

So for a guy to think dressing as a female must have implants to complete the outfit think again. Implants must look natural whether they are false of surgically placed…

If you would like a transformation or to talk about it, contact me and we can converse in more detail.



17 Mar 2020
March 17, 2020

The Time Is With Us….

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.108.
The time has come for me to take a look at how I am processing the hours in my day.

I have been blogging every day since December 1st 2019. Today is Daily Blog NO.108. Now I’m not saying that I am giving up blogging as I love it.

A more relaxed mistress

It has open my mind up to lots of different subjects but I am finding blogging every day a bit difficult as I have to stop what I’m doing to quickly fit it in before 12 midnight passes to the following day.

I would feel that blogging 3 times a week would be better because then it would be better quality content instead of a quick idea off the top of my head.

So from this week it will be 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So this blog is the first one this week and then I will again tomorrow and then again on Friday.

I understand you enjoy reading my content but i have other business websites that i am try to get together which i will let you know about when they are ready.

So if there is anything you would like me to put together some content about do contact me and let me know and I will see what I can do for you…



16 Mar 2020
March 16, 2020

Alternative Playtime…

Monday 16th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.107.
Well it seems this past couple of weeks at least for client meets it has really taken the toll on everyone.

I know I said in yesterdays blog to carry on with normal life and I meant it but within that time you now have to take precautions to abide by the virus rules if you have to be out and about with other colleagues.

If we don’t then who knows what will happen. I hate to think. As this is not fun and games now.

Yes alot of it is hyped up but we have to take note to some of it if there is fatalities happening.

So i have decided to drop my tribute rate for phone chat and video calls from £4.00 per minute to £3.00.

As we all need some playtime even if its not possible for visits.

I am still going to take visits from clients but please make sure you are perfectly healthy as I am. I’m just taking the relative precautions.

So if its a naughty boy telling off from the head mistress or a saucy call that helps you to your destination let me know your request and we and continue from there.

I will look forward to receiving your inquires…





15 Mar 2020
March 15, 2020

Media Hype…

Sunday 16th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.106.
I have tried not to blog about this but is in the media so much that it is driving a lot of people crazy who are perfectly healthy.

Every time I turn on my laptop in a happy mood all I am face with is CAVONAVIRUS hype all the time which then makes me unhappy.

Happy Days

The media are at fault a lot of the time when it comes to making mountains out of mole hills.

The symptoms they say are:

  1. Coughing, which I do every now and again as it is natural to do so to clear your throat.
  2. High temperature above a certain number, well I get a little warm if I have lots of layers or I am busy and you get warm.
  3. Blow my nose, well I blow my nose to clear my air ways and that is only natural.

All this unnecessary worry is making people ill because their immune system will get low because they worry and then they catch a cold or something.

Yes if you are of a certain age you always have to be careful of catching a cold ect but if you are particularly healthy then sure you don’t need to worry about it…


Friday 6th March 2020

Daily Blog Extra
As I have mentioned before in a previous blog (before 1st December when I got serious about blogging), I can not express gratitude with a starring role in a blog to everyone that has gifted me as their so many of you but I will every now and again do a blog like this and collectively say ‘Thank You’.
As then it show you how much I appreciate your kindness towards me

I do love being pampered and have tribute gifts sent to me through the post. The element of surprise really makes my day.

I also appreciate it when you arrive with gifts to you appointment. It does put you in my good books right from the start.

Today was lovely in a way. Unfortunately I had 2 cancelations, this mornings appointment and Monday mornings appointment.

Both were due to work rearrangements but out of the kindness of their hearts and respect to their mistress they tribute their appointment fee any way.

I am very grateful when this happens because it shows what type of person they are. This also keeps the opportunity to reschedule for another time.

When building a relationship with your mistress you have to work at respect from her and cushioning the journey with each step that she takes goes along way.

Just cancelling and leaving it ln thin air is not keeping you in my good books. It may even end in me cancelling you out of my phone book all together.

So to all clients that have cancelled and not offered a cushioning tribute for letting me down be very careful how you inquiry about another appointment.

Also my appointment that I did have this afternoon was very kind to bring me lunch and a lovely pair of leatherette trousers from |Next that fitted perfectly.

Thank you Mr X, you know who you are sweetie.

So I will bid you all good night as this is in the early hours of the morning (another late night) and I will look forward to receiving all you inquiries when you contact me.


04 Mar 2020
March 4, 2020

Men/Women and Hair Colour…

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Daily Blog NO.95.
Hair colouring has been around for a long time. The technology has progressed through out the years to make it is easier to change the colour of your own hair at home.

Little do we know if you aren’t a hairdresser that the colour of your own hair is not always compatible to the colour you choose to apply. As I’m sure everyone has found out in experimental times in the past.

 Feb 2020

Not only does this apply to females but men have had a dabble in the technicolour’s that are out on the market also.  Some are more adventurous than others.

Yet many choose colouring to make the creeping older years disappear and hope that they will look many years younger again. Some succeed and some don’t.

I myself have had many a colour and hair style thought out the years. As you can see with my hair at the moment (from other blogs) that I am not scared to change my appearance at split second choice.

From taking my hair short or shaving it off completely to going all the colours under the rainbow. This you have not seen yet but there is still time when it decided to grow back (wont be long as its growing very fast).

Dec 2000

That’s me through and through though. If I could change my hair colour every day then I would. That’s what I have the wigs for.

I have been quiet tame recently with my natural colour but this is also to give it a rest form all the colour and peroxide I have put on it in the past.

Men and colouring in general leave the creativity thing to us women but when the idea pops into their head in a fetish way it is to give them a feminine image in a masculine way.

This is very possible but it is all down to the individual to carry it off. To be confident with you new image is very important as you are going to be living with it for at least 6 weeks until it needs maintenance or you can change it to another colour or style.

Too many colour changes so close together will be bad for the hair and also hair colouring changes shade through out the weeks of wear.

May 2019

I wont go into that as that’s hairdressers talk and I don’t want to confuse you, lets keep it simple. As I mentioned before if you aren’t a qualified hairdresser you wont know the behind the scene knowledge on colouring and maintenance.

Hair colouring can be a statement or a punishment. Depending when and where it happens…

if you would like a colour or style change in whatever scenario you would like to choose EG: Normal or fetish world then contact me and we can converse more about customising it for your life style.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries.


Monday 2nd March 2020

Daily Blog NO.93.
Back in the day when we’d buy our roll of camera film in Medicare for £1.57, it would make you completely happy with the end result  because you did know any better or any different.

Technology has got a lot better now and a lot easier for the novice armature photographer to play around and get a fabulous result.

I am not knocking all the professional photographers who spend loads of money on equipment and charge loads for their work but I am very happy with the outcome I get from my android phone.

Female or male, What do you think?

The editing sections for the photos and videos is amazing and because the mobile phone is of a higher standard I don’t have to edit some of my photos if I can judge the lighting and angle correctly.

When I have a statement to put into image I have to think about many aspects first before I even take a test shot.

  1. What I am going to have as my main focus in the image,
  2. If I want or need any props,
  3. The lighting (natural or artificial),
  4. The angle and the best face of the model.

Even I look at myself sometimes and say “is that really me!”

Each model whether it be human, animal or object has a good face or a bad face. I will explain what I mean. If you were to look straight into the camera lens your nose for example may look bigger than what it is originally.

So to move your head slightly to the left or right or up or down would get you a good face image of you because the light would hit you face in a different way and flatter you more.

Also if you wanted a great image of the back of you for example to extenuate the curve of your bottom, the best face of your bottom may not be straight on to the camera lens.

If you were to turn slightly to the left or right so the camera lens can see the light bounce off the small of your back and just slightly onto the roundness of your cheeks it may flatter you much more.

This works for clothed or bare flesh. We are like a hexagon with many sides which I call faces.

So as I say in the title of this blog because of the technology of mobile devices everyone can look fabulous and better in front of the camera…

So if you are looking to be photographed n a way that you can look at the image and say “is that really me” because you look so fabulous darling the contact me and we can converse some more…

01 Mar 2020
March 1, 2020

C.B.T What does it really mean?…

Sunday 1st March 2020

Daly Blog NO.92.

Disclaimer: I am unable to add any images to this blog because of the topic that I am talking to you about. I have to abide by the free website ruling, meaning you have not  logged in so anyone can read this.

Many guys love have their pubic and the surrounding area teased but when it comes to concentrating on C.B.T that’s when the sensitivity levels increase.

To a novice who knows nothing about C.B.T the thought of what it means may be way out of their league.

It stands for Cock and Ball Torture. Torture has many levels to the definition. A mild form of this can to be teasing but unable to move or extreme can be consented pain in a painful way.

So if someone says to you about C.B.T don’t turn it away immediately as it can be very pleasurable the an extent that you have never been taken there before.

It should be called something else a bit more friendlier so it wont frighten off the unexperienced at the first sight of it…


28 Feb 2020
February 28, 2020

What An Amazing Week I Have Had…

Friday 28th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.90.
Like every month that I have been in the industry I am always busy 2-3 weeks and the 3rd week is where money is tight and clients are then waiting for pay day to come around again.

It has taken me a while to work this out but when you realise this pattern is a regular thing every month then you have to know how to handle your money out etc…

I have a lot less stress these days when the phone doesn’t ringing because I know it will next week. I gives me more of an opportunity to catch p on the list of things that accumulates on the busy weeks.

So this week has been a fabulously busy week to my liking. Considering that the beginning of the month I always pay my bills so they are out of the way.

So when the end of the month comes around like this week it means I can afford to have a self indulgent shopping spread of the things I need or want.

So I decided to spruce up my finger and toe nails and buy some different varnishes and bits and pieces as I have had quiet a few foot and hand fetish clients contact me.

As my nails have not been in good shape or what I would like them to be I have said no and turned them away or said not at the moment.

As soon as they are looking the way I want to I will let you know so all you nail kinksters can have you wicked way with my beautiful hands and feet.

I also got some new items of clothing and underwear for my dress up wardrobe for all you cross dressers. Collecting different sizes in the underwear, clothing and footwear is very costly so I have to do it on a monthly bases.

The collection is getting there but still need some more larger sizes in footwear to add as it is difficult to purchase anything higher than a 10 in a male/female shoe and if you can get it it is way over a average price.

Its all good but as I say budget is a much unless I win the lottery. Finger’s crossed everyone.

Monday 24th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.86
Over my 10 year career in the adult industry I have been walking a journey to find the real me and who I’m happy being.

The only way of finding out is by living in the persona and customising it to your every need.

I can finally say that I am very happy with who I am now and feel confident enough to elaborate and move forward in the steps I have planed for me.

If you are a less confident person and want to change but don’t know how then do as I did if it pleases you.

I sat in front of a mirror one day and just looked at myself. I didn’t just look at what was looing back at me but I took a good hard look deep into my eyes to see what the true me looked like.

To do this you have to dig deep in to your sole and find out what makes you happy and what makes you sad. What your doing at this present time and what you want to happen in the near and far future.

It might sound deep but to make a foundation for your future you have to make a sturdy foundation for it to progress.

Just like if you want to grow a fruit tree that you want to grow strong and sturdy. You then have to plant it in compatible earth and feed it well otherwise it will have no hope of flushing over the coming years.

So whatever you look like, even if you feel that you don’t fit in to the community you want to be know in, there are ways and means and answers to every question.

MOTO TO THE BLOG: Be Happy In Your Own Skin, Accept You For Who You Are Then Everyone Else Will Warm To You And Business Will Flourish.

If you need help in anything that you are hoping to progress in or even if you are lost and need some guidance contact me and if I can help you I will.

I will look forward to receiving your inquiries.