19 Nov 2019
November 19, 2019

Thank You For All The Tribute Gifts…..

03/05/19 – Vivienne Westward Latex Outfit.

Every time I receive a tribute gift I am very gracious of your respect and gratitude towards me.

01/05/19 – Black Shiny Handbag To Go With My Black Shiny Shoes.

I would like to do a post on each gift but I’m sorry it’s finding the time to do so.

This is why I have chosen to do a collective thank you to everyone at once.

I am a very hard person to buy a gift for personally because I buy myself what I need every day when I need it but to tribute gift me as a mistress the wish list is never-ending.

I have received anything from nipple clamps to designer latex outfits and shoes. It doesn’t matter how small or generous your gift is, I am always grateful in every way.

04/06/19 – Latex Stockings and Sky Scrapper, Heeled Shoes.

02/11/19 – Black, Leatherette, Knee-high Boots.

A mistress always likes to be tribute gifted but she will never ask for it.

My wish list is there for you to choose from or not as you please.

Once again, thank you for your gratitude. I am humbled to accept your tribute gifts from the bottom of my heart.

01 Oct 2019
October 1, 2019

Shopping Trip With One Of My Maids Kathy…

Tribute Gift Or Not!!!!!!!

When I need to go on a specific shopping trip I always insist on having a maid to carry my bags.

Northampton is not the best place to buy what I need but I have regular shops I go to if I can’t find what I want online.
This occasion was different as I didn’t need anything for myself particularly but one of my long term maids (that i named Kathy) needed to be spruced up as we have a few photo sessions that she needs to look good for. It has been a while and I don’t like shabby looking maids.
Some time throughout that day Kathy would get a bit too comfortable in conversation with me. So I then would have to put her back in her place. I am a down to earth Mistress when spending longer than normal times with me it can become a rather enjoyable experience. Also if it is away from my establishment and in certain environments then I do relax a little more and enjoy our time together but It does not matter if we were in a public place or not I am still her Mistress and she should not forget that.
I do not expect to be called Mistress in public, Lucy is fine but the respect should still be there.
We were out for 5-6 hours and bless her little feet, I did wear them out. Carrying all those bags tired poor Kathy out.
I did see one pair of boots that I tried on and I said that I would allow her to buy them for me as a tribute gift if the fit was comfortable enough but unfortunately, they were not.
As we were coming to the end of our shopping trip I had to nip into the supermarket where I allowed her to pay for my grocery shopping instead.
She was very grateful and will look forward to the next time I allow her to tribute me again.

Head School Mistresses Cane

As Kathy had been disrespectful to her Mistress earlier that day her punishment would be equivalent to the sharpness of Mistresses tongue that put her back in her place. The punishment would be 10 hard strikes of the Head School Mistresses Cane to her bare bottom with no breathers in between. In the normal session, Mistress would allow her enhancers to help her take longer and harder punishments. As this was a short, sharp and to the point punishment it was administered raw and without any help.
No one forgets one of Mistress Lucy’s punishments as I do not allow disobedience or if you do forget then you are quickly awakened the second time and then you remember how your bottom felt after the first punishment.
Gluten for severe punishment if you’re a repeat offender.
My motto is and has always been ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’…….If you don’t believe me,  come on then……..try me….if you dare!!!!!!


21 Aug 2019
August 21, 2019

A Tribute Gift With A Medical Theme…

Dr. Lucy

Now I always like a gift in whatever way it may be but something that is useful and I can use many times over is even better.
I had a client contact me a week or so ago requesting a medical appointment with a difference (well it would be a difference for me as it is something that I have always been intrigued about but never been able to practice it).

Poppers have always been used in my sessions if it is required (the client always has to bring them) but this was using relaxers in a much more professional way.

When Mr. X (as I will call him to keep his identity secret) contacted me and we conversed on the telephone we were speaking for well over 60 mins. If you are not intriguing to my intelligence then the conversation will be to the point and short.
He has been looking for a mistress that is willing to learn another part of her career that she would like to expand with and to.

The medical field I have never been trained in EG: A physician or nurse of any sort but Mr.X has been and this is why he is searching for the ideal mistress to take him to the clouds and back.

As we were in-depth conversation he explained that he had all his own equipment and would bring everything with him. My barber’s chair looked ideal for the scenario he was looking for as it reclines to a flat position which is much more relaxing in this situation.

When we had finished conversing. I actually sat for a while thinking about the proposition that had just been put to me. Truthfully it made me a little excited about the future to come.

When the day came for the appointment to take place I could tell Mr. X was just as excited about our meeting as he was traveling from Bournemouth (Northampton is 150 miles each way). That is true dedication for a client to have to his mistress.

The equipment he had brought with him was in 1 large and 1 small suitcase. He looked like a traveling salesman (I jested with him when i answered the door).

The session went very well. He had requested a 4-hour appointment so that he could teach me a lot about the Anesthetic play.

The set up comprised of a rubber face mask which was attached to a glass bottle with a tubular hose amongst other components. The poppers could be gauged by a dial which had levels 1-5 levels on it, this went up in 1/2 notches.

It was a very slow and controlled time together but it was extremely interesting instead of just giving the client the bottle to sniff from which is a regular thing for most cases.

When the session had finished we sat and had a cup of peppermint tea and exchanged feedback to see where we could improve next time.

I am very much looking forward to our next meeting because unfortunately, I can not purchase the equipment he has as it was bought in the 1980s (but in pristine condition). I can purchase up to date equipment but it’s knowing where to find it.

When I do purchase these items it will include anything from anesthesia breathe control equipment to needle play.

Only when I am fully trained by Mr. X will I advertise such services.

I will be putting together a wishlist at some time in the near future so I will know what is going to be needed to have a fully equipped medical room.

Look forward to receiving your inquires…

17 Aug 2019
August 17, 2019

Looking for a New BDSM Bench…..

How difficult is it to find a good quality BDSM Bench!!!!!!

To find a good quality piece of furniture is so difficult these days. It’s either homemade-looking or massively expensive and not what I’m looking for. I have spoken to carpenters to make me the designs what I particularly want but they just say when they are going to turn up and don’t. For me to take a meeting with the carpenter I have to turn down appointments to accommodate the meeting. When they don’t turn up or cancel last minute is time/money wasting.

So if there any genuine carpenters that would like to make my design piece of furniture for me then please contact me…


17 Aug 2019
August 17, 2019

New Barbers Chair…

When looking for new furniture to refurbish my entertainment floor I am very particular in what I get.
It can take me a fair while to find the pieces but when I do, I know that they are the one for sure.
I’ve been looking for the right look of barbers chair for ages. I saw a few but was not 100% sure about them.
I saw one that was so gorgeous that I could not get it out of my mind but it was near to £1000 and when spending that type of money I have to know if it’s really the perfect piece.
When I looked into the measurements I found that it was far too small to accommodate my arrange of clients and their needs.
So when I went back to my chair list that I had put together over the past months, I worked out which barbers chair ticked all my requirement boxes.
Now as you see the one I choose was even more perfect than the £1000 chair and this was a fraction of the price.
Cost is not a factor to me but whether the product serves everything I need to do with the item is the most important priority.
When it arrived I was really happy as it came in separate pieces in 2 boxes.
One of the things I do take into mind when purchasing any piece of furniture for the upper floor is how do I carry it up there.
As most clients will know I don’t like to ask for help if I can do it myself. Carrying heavy large objects is not wise to attempt it on my own (due to a weak back) but I do what I can.
So now the chair is in place and ready to use the services I offer that include the barber’s chair will be much better accommodated.
So do contact me with anything you would like to ask about your requirements and hopefully we will meet at so time in the near future.
Look forward to receiving your requests……


I never ask for anything but if a client would like to buy me something in gratitude then that is always accepted graciously. When its not expected at all it is a lovely surprise.
I had a email enquiry from a client asking about bdsm (as they do). He was very polite and courteous with his manner which is very appealing on the first contact to a mistress. He continued to tell me about what he had experienced and what he would like to experience if he was allowed to visit me which is always a plus with me as it saves me asking questions in my reply.
Over a few days we exchanged emails til I felt that he was serious about taking the 2 hour journey to come to visit me. We then had a lovely short but brief conversation to clarify a few things so i could put a voice to a name. I knew from the first email that we would get along and have some mutual bdsm fun when we met.
When the time came to meet I could tell he was going to be more nervous than me so I greeted him with a warm smile to make him feel welcome. I am a serious mistress but I do have a heart. I can be a bitch when I need to be and polite, down to earth lady when i want to be to.
The 3 hours pasted very quickly and at the end when he was about to leave he said “I’ve really enjoyed my time with you. I wanted to bring you a gift but I needed to know you were genuine” I laughed but I knew what he meant.
There are many mistresses out there that are fake and only polite for business and that’s where I am different. I will only invite clients into my home if I have a genuine connection and in return I am a very down to earth and genuine person.
So he continued “I have something in the car for you. Is it ok if I go and get it?” He asked. “Oh Wow” i said “yes of cause you can. Well he came back with this massive shopping bag of goodies.
As you can see from the above photo above
what he produced out of his bag. Everything brand new and in the packaging still.
He said that he had bought it 6 months ago and never used it for the occasion (I didn’t ask what the occasion was out of politeness) but in return I thanked him graciously. He said” these are for you as a gift my mistress. Thank you for being you”.
Well he really did take me by surprise but a pleasant one at that. A gentleman and a sub in one.