27 Dec 2020
December 27, 2020

Nanny’s Brussel Sprouts…

Sunday 27th December 2020

Blog No.128.
Now Mistress Lucy is no cook when it comes to cuisine but i will only cook for myself if I’m experimenting (i never know what is going to turn out like).

More Like One Of My Toys Than Brussel Sprouts…

Everyone jokes about Brussel sprouts but me, I love them and i try to experiment with different ways to have them.

I went out shopping at Tesco’s on 23rd December (before everything had completely sold out). I normally get Tesco delivery but fancied some naughty chocolates etc for the festive time alone with my kitties.

As I browse, I always have a strange way of working out what i want to buy. I see what my taste buds are telling me. I see something then think of what it taste like last time i ate it. If it brings back good memories then I buy it or if It brings back bad memories I put it back.

As walking down the vegetable isle I see Brussel Sprouts. Now I haven’t had brussels for a long, long time. They actually brought fond memories of my grandma back.

She would sit at the kitchen table in our old house in London (big corner plot Victorian house). The rooms had tall ceilings. The kitchen had double doors that opened into the front room to make it one room if need be.

This Is Like Nanny’s House Coat. I Have Bought This Actual One. When I Have A Better Photo I Will Swap Them Over

I can picture her in mind right now as I tell you about her. She lived in North London and we were in South London. She would visit us for 2 – 3 weeks at a time. Funny nanny. Things she would do would make me crease up with laughter.

I would call her a wrinkly old teenager because her mind was young but her body (like us all) was aging and slowing her down as years past by.

She was an old school gal literally. She was a house maid back in the 1900’s for a lady and master of a grand house in the country.

She learnt everything from her younger days and stayed in that job for 20 or more years. She said she enjoyed it very much because although she was the head maid in charge of everyone and lived in the servant quarters she loved to admire her ladyships home.

It was grand and elegant but obviously with a masculine touch of the master. “Oh how i wish” she would say as cleaning the silver or polishing the long dining room table that would seat 16 or more.

So as time pasted and she carried on her own ways in modern day she would still wear the old style house coats that would be made of slippery polyester. I say slippery because she would say it would be better for house chores and cooking, as it would not attracted anything as she was going about her day. It would stay cleaner in other words and she would always look smart and tidy.

Fine English Brussel Sprouts

Isn’t if funny how something as small as a Brussel Sprout can bring back so many memories…

So this evening i decided to have them and cook them a little different.

I cut and skinned them (dirty leaves for the compost bin ) then rinsed them under cold water and then boiled them as nanny used to.

I then drained them and let the pan get hot and sizzling and them popped a little butter and salt in there for extra flavour.

When it had melted i put the brussels in there and let them sit until i could hear crackling, not burning just crackling.

Then move them around  til crispy in places.

It took longer than i anticipated but i had plenty of time so it didn’t worry me.

They Look Burnt But They Aren’t, Just Crispy, Just The Way I Like Them

Eventually when they where done to my liking, I poured them out of the pan into a boil, put a little grated cheese on them and that was my meal.

I do agree my eating has changed in the past year and due to the pandemic I have gained weight through stress (like us all) but I have always carried my weight in certain places .

To keep it off I have to sacrifice nice things like the butter and cheesy Brussel Sprouts and chocolate biscuits.

This year has taught me one thing if nothing else…we only have one life and lets live it the way we want to.

Yes there are rules and regulation with the pandemic on how we should conduct our lives for staying well and safe but when it comes to food etc and what we look like it is totally down to the individual.

Don’t go over board obviously but as long as we are comfortable in our own skin that is all that matters…

27 Dec 2020
December 27, 2020

Christmas Day Haircut…

Saturday 26th December 2020

Blog No.127
To all of us this year we are having to change our family Christmas according to the pandemic tier situation unfortunately.

My Christmas was very much the same as previous Christmas days as i stay at home with the cats and we do as we please.

This year i had a lazy lay in and then a chilled breakfast of toast and a almond milk coffee whizzed up in the Ninja which is like a bullet blender, I find i can do most of what i want in it and it was half the price of a bullet blender.

Just Before My Haircut And Straight Out Of The Shower

I then went for a shower to freshen up as i wanted to take some photos for my onlyfans page.

As i was drying my hair (as it is now long enough to style) i thought it needed a trim. I had let it grow for a good couple of months with only cutting around my ears. So the back and everywhere need a look at.

I put the whole procedure on my onlyfans page if you would like to take a look.

By the time i had finished and styled it I was very pleased in deed. Its amazing what a trim in places does to make it look as if you had a whole haircut.

Takes Time to Become Skilled At Cutting Your Own Hair

I do my own hair only because a millimetre to a hairdresser, well most hairdressers is 1 inch.

I was devastated many a time when all i would ask for is a very light trim and i would come out like Shaun the sheep and very annoyed.

It takes 2 months to grow and 2 seconds to cut off…not impressed at all.

My Christmas day photo shoot turned out well as you can see.

A little taster of what is on my onlyfans page.

Well it takes so long to prepare for (Christmas Day) yet it is over in a cough and a splutter.

Christmas Day Photo Shot

As i sit up in bed on Boxing day night typing this for you (and listening to storm Bella as she throughs a tantrum up and down our street with the heavy rain fall that she seems to be having fun and games with) I wonder how i am going to have time to fit all these new ideas for 2021 and carry on with mistressing.

Don’t worry i wont give up anything as it has taken me 11 years to get where i am today and I’m loving every minute of it ( well not the pandemic but everything else).

I have grown closer to a lot of my regulars throughout this past months and unfortunately had to say good bye to some of them because of their selfish ways but that’s there lose.

So I think we are all glad Christmas is over and done with and we can welcome 2021 into our lives and hope its better than the year we presently are in now.

Keep healthy and safe and don’t loose your smile as it makes everything much better to see you happy as much as you can.

Don’t hesitate to drop me an hi if you feel like it as a chat online or over the phone is always nice to break the day up as they say…


20 Dec 2020
December 20, 2020

Teasing The Christmas Morph…

Sunday 20th December 2020

Blog No.126.
At last we have made it to December. What a year we have all had. A strange one but at least we only have 11 days left until we can welcome 2021 and hope it brings us more happiness than 2020.

So on this Christmas note I have a fun and comic blog to brighten up your day. Every year I try to do something a bit different that will make you smile.

2020 Mistress Lucy’s Christmas Morph…

The theme needed to stay within the mistress ways but also with a xmas twist.

I saw, whilst browsing on Amazon some costumes that would be ideal for my model client that I use for photoshoots ( model as in my model sub client). He is partial to a bit of cross dressing if I ask him nicely and is willing to do most things i put to him.

When he came back to me with a date he could arrange off work I started to plan what I was going to do in the 4-5 hours he could spare.

The time between of when he booked an appointment to the day of the appointment i guided him to what i want him to do in preparation for the photoshoot.

He is putty in my hands. Although he has earnt his mistress stars over the many years of servitude.

He is a joyful chap and the banter is fun but he knows when to be serious or humorous.

The session started with an update of the outfits that I had got for him and what I expected him to do to help make the perfect images for my online Mistress Christmas Card.

The first outfit was of a full coverage red and white body stocking. His shoulders were broad but he filled out the suit in all the right places.

These Boots Were Made To Put Subs In Hell (calf cramp)

This body suit was not a serious outfit as he had packed his lunch fully which made the scene more appetising to the onlooker that i would send the Christmas card to.

The boots he had tried on before so i knew they had fit him perfectly and i was glad as it went with both outfits very well.

Once I had cuffed his wrists I put him in the position I needed him in. He was a little short for the top cuff but to stretch him on his tippy toes made the image even better.

As you can see it was a jovial session and fun was had by all.

The second outfit was not so covering. It was just as I want it to be and he did not disappoint.

Corsets Synch Mistress In Nicely. Looks Torture But Feels Fantastic…

He relaxed more times than once but it was easy to get him to stand to attention again.

He had treated his mistress with a Christmas tribute gift that I was wearing. A black leather spiked corset.

As I had always been covered on our previous meetings he had not seen what I had hiding underneath before.

Out of gratitude I thought it only right for him to see me in it. I did need help in tightening the laces to give me that synched in shape but he did not decline and did as he was told.

The tightness of the bodice made me gasp an intake of breathe when each lace was pulled tighter but it felt good. It’s no good having a corset that doesn’t hold you in in all the right places and it sure did do that.

You Dare Try To Touch Them. The Spikes Are There For A Reason…

As I had become curvier over the pandemic period my lady lumps had grown within that time also.

The tighter the corset was pulled in the more of an over flow happen to the cup area of the corset.

It made me laugh when he had finished and I turned around to speak to him. He choked on his intake of breathe at the first sight of me.

“Are you ok” I said to him as I looked down at my chest to make sure I wasn’t over flowing to much that would embarrass myself.

“Yes Mistress, I am fine” he said with his eye out on storks looking down at the floor to check his excitement under his dress.

“Careful now” I said “I don’t want a snail trail on my skirt do I?” He was a healthy boy and even standing half a foot or less away he would be marking my skirt if not careful.

To calm him down a bit, as I could see he was a breast guy i turned my back to him so he could compose his emotion while i sorted out the ring light I had placed to brighten the area of the next image.

The time pasted quickly and the next outfit was needed to be changed into. This was even less of a covering outfit but fitted him well again.

On previous sessions he had tried on heels and stockings which helped me decide on the next image i wanted for another idea I had.

What Sexy Legs. The Next Pretty Poly Pin-Up…

The heels were platformed and extremely high. He found them difficult to walk at first but got used to the heel height quicker than I had anticipated he would.

The stockings I choose for him were fine black seamed 1960 style stockings. With the calf muscles he was showing off it was a match with the shoes for sure.

I matched them with a lacey man thong and suspender belt. “I do love a plan when it comes together” I thought (as said by Lieutenant Colonel Hannibal Smith in the A Team).

It took a few takes but in the end as you can see we decided on the perfect images.

The afternoon ended in a session of his choice for payment of the photo shoot.

Stocking Seams And Heels To Die For…

l always make sure that all my fetish models enjoy their time with me.

It loosens them up and I can create much better end results.

Obviously if I want a moody looking face or attitude within the image then I will say but apart from that it has to be enjoyment and fun that oozes out of the image to the onlooker.

If anyone thinks they have what it takes to become a Mistress Lucy’s Fetish Model Let me know and we can converse more at our convivence.

Stay safe and smiling and I hope to hear from you soon…




07 Dec 2020
December 7, 2020

The New Mistress Lucy’s Fetish Barbers…

Monday 7th December 2020

Blog No.125.
Now for the clients that have known me for all of my mistress career or longer would know about my dream of having my own Barbers/hairdressers.

04/12/20 Mistress Lucy’s Fetish Barbers

I would of mentioned how my ideas would of got me shut down by the authorities before it was open day.

Reason being that my ideas would be and never are regular ideas for a high street shop.

For as long as i could remember i have always had a kinky mind in one way or another and putting my career and fetish together seems a blooming good idea to me.

This past year has brought nothing but heart ache and sorrow to a lot of people. It has also given us lots of time to think ‘what does the future hold for us?’

We have all had to change our 5 and 10 year plans and also our retirement. I say that because I’ve just turn 48 years old last month (November), so now is a good time to think about it.

Its time to think out of the box and about what will stand you in good stead for the long haul instead of what is a regular type of job  that will help you out just for now.

Just for now jobs wont care about you when there’s continuous lockdowns or another major recession. Businesses are running out of money to keep paying their employees and the government are wearing thin on spare funds.

So to think outside the box and working for yourself (self employment) means going out of your uncomfortable zone and maybe doing something that is unlike you.

You never know until you try…

I’m not saying to do something wrong but something that has longevity and will bring you in a regular income how ever small or big.

Regular income is a must to keep our heads above water and the arrears people from sending constant reminders through your letter box.

Unemployment wouldn’t be so high if this is how everyone thought.

At one point i thought my top floor studio was working great for me with such a large open area and plenty of space to do as i please but i was finding that my appointments were swaying more to certain fetishes than others.

When national lockdown was talked about i decided to make use of my second self employment fund and divide the area up into sections that would work much better for my appointments and enable me to expand in what i could do.

Before, i had many a idea run through my head but the pandemic had always put road blocks in my way to complete and make it work.

04/12/20 Mistress Lucy’s Fetish Barbers

So with the spare time i felt it was a perfect to put my plan into action.

To many females the thought of picking up an electrical chop or circular saw to do some wall building would sound like to much of nail breaking work for them, not to me. I keep my nails short for that reason.

When all my renovation’s are finished then i will go back to painted long nails…maybe.

It wasn’t that hard work really and plus i enjoy it.

As the days and weeks passed and i could see the project coming together. It was very heart warming to know that i was getting closer to my dream then ever before.

To a normal person, what is normal these days? to say about the world of hairdressing fetishes they would not understand but to a hairdressing kinster you could say what ever you liked to them about the fetish and they would understand completely.

Clippers to setting rollers or capes to hairdressers outfit it all triggers off a emotion.

You see fetish is an understanding of anything that makes you feel something.

  • F… Feeling
  • E… Emotion
  • T… Tantalise
  • I… Imagine
  • S…Seduce
  • H… Happy

All of the above are all in the 6 senses we all have. So don’t knock anyone that likes a  particular fetish.

04/12/20 Mistress Lucy’s Fetish Barbers

We are all different in our own way which makes us unique in our own little world.

So when and if you do come to Mistress Lucy’s Fetish Barbers don’t be afraid of letting loose your fetish and telling me (as long as it does not include personal services).

As you never know i may be the only mistress your feel comfortable with.

My Barbers Studio includes all the regular type of equipment but if you have a particular fetish for something out of the ordinary then do please say and i will do my best to accommodate.

Well i have briefly mentioned to you about my exciting salon but if you do have anything else to ask don’t hesitate to contact me and we can converse some more.

Stay health and safe and I will look forward to receiving your inquiries when you ready.




09 Nov 2020
November 9, 2020

Acknowledgment for gratitude…

Monday 9th November

Blog No.124.
To become the very best you can be is not possible alone. We all need help in one way or another. Starting from the beginning can be like running on the spot if you don’t have the correct knowledge.

I did start on my own as I really didn’t think that I would be were I am today, 11 years on. It took me a while to realise that mistressing was my chosen vocation and that it would take over my life as it has.

Many people, when starting to dip their toe into the industry don’t know whether they will like it or not. They hear about it from a friend or see something on the internet and think it takes a freaky type of person to delve into the dark side of the imagination. Depends on how deep your prepared to go as to what your comfortable and willing to open yourself to. There is many mild and extreme fetishes but not all is everyone’s cup of tea.

May 2017

To the normal person (what is normal these days) a job in the adult industry is not a proper job. How wrong they are. It is much more than a full time job, it is a job that will take over you whole being as a person and in return it will give you the life you once dreamed of. Freedom to do as you please, when you please and charge how much you want to for anything you do.

To apply for this dream job you have to have a certain type of mind set other wise you will be eaten up by the different type of savoury/unsavoury people that are in this industry. The unsavoury individuals are the ones that are jealous of your success or frightened of you because of what you will dominate them to do by manipulating their imagination to what they really deep down like but are hesitant to expose it to anyone else but themselves. There are also very nice people in this fun filled fetish world. People that want to help and see you blossom into a amazing mistress etc.

I was happy plodding along doing my own thing for quiet a few years. I developed my skills of various different fetishes to entertain my own imagination as well as my clients of all walks of life. I grew to understand the moto to the saying ‘ Never judge a book by its cover’. When I accepted this I met and got to know a lot of fabulous people that helped me progress in my journey of freedom. I say freedom because this is the life i am living now. Maybe not right now (pandemic national lockdown) but now as in i have piece of mind that i have grown a client list that will be loyal to me and be with me through good and tough times. I don’t really call these type of clients, clients as they know me much better than a regular client. They are very much friends, They have allowed themselves, visa versa to become deeper into the mistress relationship than as if they just wanted a one off BDSM session with just any mistress.

This also is the same for web designers, social media influencers or business/project assistants. To give me what I want and need for my business they have to get to know the real me which is much deeper than Mistress Lucy.

For example….

To find a great or even excellent website designer is trial and error. There are many out there preaching that they have a portfolio of what fancy website designs they do. Charge high end prices but lack the customer service skills that gain the trust of the quality client.

As we all know, firstly finding a quality client is hard enough in any business but keeping them is easy when you know how. I had been looking for a web designer for a good few years. I had got to a stage in my career where i need to go to that next level and being on social media wasn’t enough. To be looked at as a profession mistress I needed to exhibit what I could and can do in a professional format that clients could see for themselves. Asking questions over phone calls and emails was all well and good but to be on the serious mistress websites I had to have my own website with my name in the domain name.

So my friend was looking on a site one day (as you do) and he came across 2-3 websites of mistresses that where offering similar services to myself. He said in passing conversation that I  should check them out and investigate if I could have a website similar to theirs. The websites looked fantastic but there was one that really stood out to me but i thought that it looked far to expensive for me.

I contacted all 3 mistresses and enquired about where they had got their professional looking websites from and the pricing. I didn’t get any reply’s from them but in the time I was waiting I noticed at the bottom the first page of the website business name and details. My friend also pointed that out in a later conversation. I contacted the web designers with all the same details, what I wanted and the price and how I would go about getting my name on the web address. They all came back with different prices and time scales. As I was mentioning before about customer service, I don’t know these people so I have to go with the inclination I’m getting when they reply to me.

The first was far to expensive for what I could afford at the time and it was an abroad business. I’m not against abroad but you hear of so many scams from oversea countries.

The second was a bit slap dash with his etiquette and that gave me a unprofessional image of the business even though the website i was guided to looked very professional.

The third replied to me with a very friendly approach, professional but very polite. I think if i remember rightly, his email was brief but said its best to chat on the phone first of all and he can explain things better. I was very naïve when it came to technology so i had to start from somewhere. My phone was my life line to my clients and nothing else. We spoke that same evening and Peter was a very pleasant guy to talk to. Not to techi or immature with his explanations but just enough for me to understand the basics.

Nov 2020

2-3 years on from that conversation we are very good friends and as you can see, he has built and kept running a fine specimen of a fabulous website. Many think building and running a website is easy but listen to me now… there is more than you see to run any website let alone a professional website. Behind the scenes is security walls and protection from hackers and lots of other things that not even I would know about.

So I would highly recommend Peter @ Elite UK Mistress. Recommendations are better than cold searching sites your not familiar with. He is very good on design of all types of websites (not just mistress websites), upkeep and price. He has been in I.T and computers for many years.

You can see his website by clicking this link www.eliteukmistresses.co.uk or contact his email on info@elitemistresses.co.uk and he will discuss with you all you needs to help you build your business the way you would like it to be.

I am extremely happy with Peters services and how he has help my business grow over the years.

Your a star sweetie and very much worth your weight in good a much more. Keep up the good work…