13 Feb 2020
February 13, 2020

Different is Individually Perfect…

Thursday13th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.75.
What people like is not always the same. Just like why should everyone go with the flow of how everyone else looks.
I love to be different. Different is perfect to me. I don’t like being the center of attention but just to be me and be who I am comfortable with is the ideal way we should all be like.

As you have noticed I have been having a journey with my hair and what I like it to look like lately.

Since I have been old enough to be able to decide on my own look of the style I have always had a different hairstyle every hair cut.

Hair is the sign of being healthy,i have choose to cut mine because it grows to fast

Since I have been in the adult industry I have been much bolder with my hair or lack of it.

I have been a bit sheepish about going too short because of my age but age is just a number and I really don’t feel like my age, far from it. So what the heck lol

At the weekend, I took the top to a no.2 and the sides to a 1/2 blend. I have been looking at it for the last couple of days thinking “why am I not happy with it? There’s something that doesn’t look quite right.”

So today I contacted a friend as I couldn’t do what I wanted to be done and he could. I said to him when he turned up “just shave it all off completely. I have a well-shaped head and no scars so it will look great” so he did.

Wowee… it’s fantastic, A bit chilly in this weather but I can wear a hat for now and I have a white scalp (i will have to go on the sunbed a bit more to get it tanned lol)

I understand its not everyone’s cup of tea but I can wear wigs of all colors and styles.

I have shaved my hair off for the fetish look for my fetish photography and videos. The Images have come out amazing…

So if you like my new look or don’t then do please let me know as I appreciate feedback in all aspects.

Look forward to hearing from you…

12 Feb 2020
February 12, 2020

What Keeps you Slippery?…

Wednesday 12th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.74.
There are so many lubrications to choose from but what keeps you slippery at the most important time of play?

There are many slippery substances out there but do look at the ingredients before using them as if they contain the following it can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin in that area:

Slippery When Playing

  • glycerin
  • nonoxynol-9
  • petroleum
  • propylene glycol
  • chlorhexidine gluconate

The better ones in my mind can be Ky-Jelly, Trex Vegetable Fat or anything that is water, oil or silicone-based.

Everyone has their own preferences for different activities but there are certain liquids or gels that work better with other toys or gloves.

Trex is good if performing anal glovework but it’s hard to wash off because its lard based. Use fairy liquid if your washing toys and shower gel if you’re washing the body.

Ky Jelly is ideal for sensitive skin and it is versatile, Nice and slippery for contact playtime and also ideal for toys and apparatus.

I can only say about the experience I have had as a mistress but everyone has there preferences.

The main priority is to have plenty of safe slippery fun as no one likes afterburn of chaffing…


Tuesday11th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.73.

Why when there are so many nice flavors in the world that we choose to taste our on bodily liquids?

Is it because it’s forbidden in normal society or is it because we do it because we can. It’s because it’s our own and we can do what we wish with it.

So then why is it we want to taste other peoples. Total strangers that we have never met before. Who we have to trust that they are safe and clean but in the heat of the moment for some of us that goes out of our minds till after the act has been performed.

Playtimes have come along way since the year dot when everyone was doing the natural thing and making babies but nowadays we all want to see who can get the biggest butt plug in the smallest hole and cross-dressing to the opposite sex and do anything and everything that anyone can think of.

To many people tasting anything that comes from themselves or anyone else would make them instantly gag. Then there are some that would consume anything you put in front of them.

If you are controlled by a mistress then you as the client put your trust in her to abide by your rules that set out at the beginning of your journey together.

Anyone that she chooses to bring into the arrangement then she should make sure that she is confident that they are clean of anything unwelcome.

It still doesn’t answer the question of this blog… I don’t think there is an answer that is right or wrong.

We are all different and like different things, tastes, etc so as I mentioned previously every answer is correct in your own way…

I will look forward to your inquiries on this topic from all those that have strong stomachs…


10 Feb 2020
February 10, 2020

Definition Of Pain…

Monday 10th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.72.
What is pain? everyone has their own theory of what pain is but it has so many definitions that not one is right or wrong.

If your finger hurts because you have hit it with the hammer instead of the nail, that’s pain.

If you have had a long run and you have over-exerted yourself and your muscles are completely exhausted of all strength, that’s pain.

Pain is all in the mind!

If you’re with a mistress and she ties you to the bench and strikes your bare bottom with her cane or whip either of them will give 2 different types of pain.

They will hurt because your brain is telling you that the area that has had the impact is in need of TLC and its time to stop otherwise it will cause more injury than necessary.

Pain can also be pleasurable. It can take you into a state of utopia and then your mind goes into a subspace that you crave for in need of destressing.

We also need to be careful as our mind can play tricks on us and give us great after pain for a longer time than we care to want…

If you care to have pleasurable pain inflicted on you stressed body contact me and we can converse so more.


09 Feb 2020
February 9, 2020

Is Very Short Hair On A Female Acceptable?…

Sunday 9th February 2020

Daily Blog NO.71.
Disclaimer: I am not ill or a lesbian or anything like that. I am a healthy, heterosexual female that is confidently comfortable having very short hair.

I have always had short hair I would say most of my adult life. I have gone ultra-short twice in the past. Once for a good cause and the other because I wanted to start fresh because of having to much color build up on the hair I had at the time.

It’s amazing though because stereotypically a woman should have long hair because that’s what the statistics say that the opposite sex likes.

These days anything goes and there will always be someone out there that finds every look of a human being attractive in some way or another.

Each time I have needed a haircut I have always had visions of just thinking “dam it” and shave it all off but always thought its not the right thing for an older woman to do.

I’m not a normal female (as everyone that knows me will agree). I am a straight female but I have a mistress personality but thinks like a guy.

As I have decided to delve deeper into the fetish scene than I ever have done in the past I have taken a few moments over the past week to see how big the bald female haircut is and whether I should do it for the 3rd time.

Click on image to see the full photograph

Whilst cutting my hair yesterday as it needed it drastically because I looked like an overgrown tennis ball ( the sides grow outwards now that it’s short) I kept thinking about taking the NO.1. all over.

I decided on a NO.1 at the side and a NO.4 on top (as you can see in the video I uploaded on onlyfans) .

I woke this morning having this very strong feeling of shaving my head again.  The reason it has been playing on my mind is that I have characteristics in my hairline at the front that will not sit right if not cut short enough.

So this evening I took the clippers to my hair again (what I have left of it) and took it to a NO.2. on top and a 1/2 blend at the sides.

I had a shower afterward to wash away the tiny clipper cuttings of leftover hair. It felt great with the water flow over me from above (i have a waterfall shower head from the ceiling) very cleansing.

All I can say to everyone who is against or dislikes ultra-short hair on women “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Hair does not make a woman beautiful its the person she is that shines through much more…